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Project Description


This project is slightly modified version of the DiscreetGesture Sample provide by the Kinect for Windows v2 team located in the Samples directory of Managed code of the Kinect SDK (v2). This project utilizes the Progressive Gesture (aka "Continuous" Gestures) to determine if 6 different people are clapping their hands together.

The project was built using Kinect Studio, Visual Gesture Builder, and WPF (.Net 4.5 + Kinect v2 SDK). It demonstrates how to take a Kinect data clip recording of IR, Depth, and Color video from the Kinect Studio, and add it to the Visual Gesture Builder. The Visual Gesture builder is then used to annotate progressing samples of time slices to tag various human poses over time. These poses create the gesture of an "applaud" or "clapping". Once this clip is annotated and tagged a database is compiled into a "ClappingHands.gbd" file which contains the progressive results and annotations. This database file is then loaded inside a .Net WPF 4.5 application and used to evaluate real time - run time human gestures of 6 individuals all at once. As 6 different people stand in front of the Kinect for Windows v2 Device, the WPF application determines if a "hand clapping" gesture is recognized. If the gestures are recognized, a picture showing a young child is applauding, if not, a picture show a un-impressed young girl displays.

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